–Slide Kuliah Ekonomi Manajerial–

chapter 1 ; introduction to Managerial Economics

chapter 2 ; The Firm and Its Goals

chapter 3 ; Supply and Demand

chapter 4 ; Demand Elasticity

Chapter 5 ; Demand Estimation

Chapter 6 ; Forecasting

Chapter 7 ; The Theory and Estimation of Production

Chapter 8 ; The Theory and Estimation of Cost

Chapter 9 ; Pricing and Output Decisions: Perfect Competition and Monopoly

Chapter 10; Pricing and Output Decisions: Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly

Chapter 11; Special Pricing Practices

Chapter 12; Economic Decision Making in the 21st Century: The “Old” Economics of the “New Economy.”

Chapter 13; Capital Budgeting

Chapter 14; Risk and Uncertainty

Chapter 15; Government and Industry: Challenges and Opportunities for Today’s Managers

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